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Miniature book with text block requiring resewing and recasing.Nineteenth century publisher's cloth volumes needed extensive paper repair, resewing, new spines and recasing into repaired covers.Nineteenth century publishers leather binding.  Spine missing; surface abraded.The upper cover of the book had become detached and was previously repaired with pressure sensitive tape (which had deteriorated).  A portion of the inside cover paper pastedown had torn and become detached.A library call number label adhered to a fragile, printed glassine dust jacket of the a rare pamphlet.
Miniature book with resewn and recased text block.Repaired, resewn text blocks recased into their original nineteenth century publisher's cloth bindings.  Rebacked spines consist of custom-toned material.Impressions on spine lining were used to determine proportions of new leather spine.  Leather was consolidated, then conservatively toned over barrier layer of consolidant.The pressure sensitive tape residue and surface dirt were removed, and the cover was reattached using a hidden hinge extending from the spine lining.The detached portion of the pastedown was readhered into place over the new hinge.The label was successfully removed.
The library label was removed from the rare pamphlet.  The tears to the lower corner were repaired with long-fiber tissue and wheat starch paste.
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