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Range of Services:

As proprietor of Book-Care, I provide a wide range of book conservation treatments and
related library consultation services to rare book libraries, historical societies and sites, cultural organizations, private business and individuals.

Conservation treatments range from basic stabilization and rehousing to page washing, deacidification, resewing, and rebinding.  If possible, original covering materials are preserved and utilized after any necessary repairs.
Appropriate historical or sympathetic bindings are also designed, as well as sound, functional structures.  Each treatment recommendation is written after close examination of the individual book with considerations of its history and its current role. Upon request, historical structures can be constructed, including Nag Hammadi (Fourth Century Christian), Ethiopian, Coptic, and from the European traditions, bindings utilizing alum tawed, limp vellum, calf, goat, paper and cloth, with historic style sewing and endband structures, as appropriate.  Preserving original components of historic bookbindings with appropriate and subtle techniques are emphasized.

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To read about the historic prototypes below, place cursor over images.
Replica of a Nag Hammadi codex.Interior of Nag Hammadi replica showing turned-in edges and interior leather spine support.
North American scaleboard bindings with prototype on right; cutaway shows structural components and materials.

Ethiopian binding style with leather over wood boards, woven leather endbands tacketed on through the spine.Ethiopian binding style with leather over wood boards, woven leather endbands tacketed on through the spine.

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